A bridal bouquet or two

It has been hectic around here and by no means is is getting any easier.   I've had a number of really bizarre dreams in the past week, mostly because of working so much.  One was just poppies (total side note:  I almost always type "poopies" first instead of "poppies" and immediately the song "Shipoopie" pops into my head) and anemones floating past my face, over and over in the palette of yellow.  The other was two slugs that were H U G E that I didn't want to touch but was trying to save them and place into a terrarium.  I don't know.  Odd.   Here are two bridal bouquet we made in the last week.  

Garden roses, poppies, I love the juxtaposition of the large blooms next to the little bells.  And the ribbon is a soft, sweet color.

Oh!  And why yes!  That's one of the many ceramic cups we carry by SODA by Amy!

From these two images and a number earlier you can see how obsessed I have been with poppies lately.

But the next one is equally as striking, in a more refined manner.  This is a bouquet of miniature calla lilies, agapanthus and to die for lady slipper orchids.  I like the looped ribbon treatment.  I like ribbon in general.