Macy's flower show

Oh my gosh, this was totally too much fun! Macy's invited us to be part of their Spring Flower Show. What an honor! Honestly? I was outrageously stressed about it. My initial idea of a bird in a nest with a paisley design was all bust, because I just was never happy with the construction of the bird. But after Fleurotica, and a lunch trip to Chinatown with Davey, I had a little more inspiration! I wanted an "April showers bring May flowers" touch (since the theme was "Spring is in the Air." But I wanted my inner fairytale princess to escape for a moment too! This is what you get! Davey took these photos. He along with my Dad went to the show (Mom, we missed you!), and ate lunch.., then Dad and I walked around for about 3 hours. It was kinda awesome.