Roses are red, tweedia is blue...

In honor of valentine's day approaching, I thought I would search through some of my old photos for some red bouquets. But instead of just the ol' bouquet, I decided to share one of the most fun and out of the box (pun intended) weddings we've worked on! Christina and Cary were married in April of 2009. She and I collaborated thoughts (alongside superhero wedding planner Heather Vickery from Greatest Expectations) and designed a truly gorgeous event! Christina hand strung all the beads on the carnation "chandelier" centerpieces (each had 500 carnations attached!). The bridal bouquet was soft and fluffy, combining sweet pea and tweedia, filled out with hydrangea for a little volume. The bridesmaids carried garnet red peonies and burgundy dahlias which held a lush and romantically dramatic demeanor! Their gowns we're pretty hot, too.., I certainly wouldn't mind one for myself! All the photos here are from the astute eye of Amanda Hein Photography.

Coming soon: All the floral delights that are arriving for Valentine's Day!! A few items to sensory salvate about:
Peach Amaryllis, Chocolate Cosmos, Plum Ranunculus, Salmon Sweetpea, Two-Toned Jonquils, Peach Parrot Tulips, Blossoming Cherry Branches.., Whether you are a lover or a hater, this stuff is g o r g e o u s ! ! ! !