Florist Gothic

Caleb and I so often end up dressing alike, it's ridiculous. So we took a photo of our matching outfits the other day. I like the reflection at the bottom of our feet.., we've got some Kafka-esque metamorphosis stuff going on. Here are some shop treats, too. The arrangement with the garnet peonies has little sting of pearl succulents added in, which can be rooted. Succulent plants are a weakness for me. Next week is our first full wedding of the year! Yay!!!

Oh, and please check us out at Greatest Expectation's blog and Honeybee Weddings Blog for some extra goodness. In the next couple of days there is an interview with me at one of them and you can win a $100 arrangement in a vintage milk glass vase! But you have to read both to find out which one it is!