The big day o' love

Another day o' love all gone and behind us. What a whirl and swirl of color and organized maddness!. We tried to take photos of our arrangements, but honestly, it was a revolving door around here so we only managed to snap a few. There are a few of the before and after, an adorable shot of Laura behind the hydrangea, me with a poppy in my hair, a lil' stuffed animal that was left in our planters Valentine's morning and our best delivery driver EVER hired, my Dad (Caleb, I wanted to post that one of you, but you wouldn't allow me to). ;)

And guess what? I received a floral delivery too! First time in about 12 years, and it had two of my favorites, peonies and ranunculus. Oh, and a love letter, too. <3 He's good. :)