Baby’s breath beauty

Friday, March 14, 2014

This wedding.  I just can’t even.  It’s classy and beautiful, not unlike this gorgeous couple (Seriously, Lindsay & Filipe, you two are models!).  This could not have been the more perfect wedding for the snowy winter we received this year.  Congratulations you two!!!  And for our readers, please enjoy these simply perfect photos from Katie Kett Photography of this wedding at Room 1520!!

KatieKettPhotography, Flowers by Fleur











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Martha Stewart Wedding Party

Friday, March 7, 2014

Sunday, March 2nd we were very tickled to be a part of the Martha Stewart Wedding Party show, held at the Ritz Carlton, hosted by the Wedding Library & Lovebird Events.  With such a long winter this year, I chose spring blooms including lilac, jasmine and ranunculus to name a few (some of my absolute favorites), filled with fragrance.  These days, as I stare out into my snowy backyard, all I can envision is an overgrown and lush garden filled with vines and garden roses and floral in all seasons.  Hopefully I channeled all of that when designing this table, as I look forward to the summer, sitting in the garden with friends, sipping on Moscow Mules!  Enjoy!!



Detail by Fleur~~~

Fleur at the Martha Stewart Wedding Party in Chicago~~~

Fleur details

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Fleur Sightings in CS Brides!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

We are so excited, there are two Fleur sightings in CS Brides Spring/Summer issue of 2014!

Fleur in CS BridesWe loved the wedding below with Private Label Linen!

Fleur in CS Brides with Private Label Linen

And who can forget the stunning wedding below with SQN Events?!

Fleur Press with SQN Events

It’s always such a pleasure to team up with so many fabulous vendors, thank you so much!!!

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Happy first day of March!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Although this little bit of snow and cold weather on the first day of March in September makes us want to yell “Go Home Winter, You’re Drunk!,” at least we know that we’ll soon be spotting ranunculus in their finest, hellebores that are so beautiful they hurt your feelings and anemones that make us lose our thoughts for a minute in their delicacy.  Here is a recent wedding bouquet that is filled with happy colors.

Happy First Day of March!!

Bridal bouquet by Fleur

~~~Bridal bouquet by Fleur

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Post valentine’s day!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

February always rushes by so quickly!  Valentine’s day happens, and then, in the world of flowers, the month seems over (although last night we had the dreamiest of winter weddings, that we cannot WAIT to share with you!).  In the meantime, here are a few of the gazillion bouquets that we sent out (and loved making, too!)

photo 4




Processed with VSCOcam

~~~photo 2

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Bridal Fete Chicago

Saturday, February 15, 2014

We are so very excited to be part of the Bouquet Bar at Bridal Fete Chicago, on February 27th!


Be sure to reserve your ticket early and prepare to enjoy the most lovely night of delicious cakes, cocktails and hor d’ouvres! Of course there will be a Photo Booth, along with inspiration of the most beautiful trends happening in the wedding industry.    Purchase your tickets right HERE!

Also, here is a little incentive!  The first 75 brides who use the promo code “cake2014″ grants a user $10 off a single ticket!

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Valentine’s Week!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine’s Day is this Friday!  Have you ordered your flowers yet?

Our hours this week are:

Tuesday-Friday 10am – 7pm

Preorder your flowers, or shop in the boutique!

Valentine flowers

Also, visit us at Gaslight Coffee Roasters on Friday the 14th from 9am-3pm for pre made mason jar arrangements!  Pick one up with your coffee!

Fleur and Gaslight Coffee Roasters

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Kinfolk & West Elm

Saturday, February 8, 2014

One of my favorite things about my job is having the opportunity to partner with people whom I admire.  When Amanda Jane Jones reached out to me in regards to teaching a class at West Elm for Kinfolk, I was elated.  To my surprise & excitement, she had also contacted a dear friend of mine, Sara Gasbarra of Verdura.  Sara taught the delicious task of making seasoned salt, and I showed guests how to make a little herb wreath with garden clippings or fresh herbs from the farmer’s market.  The adorable Alex Steele documented the evening for us all.  Oh, and we can’t forget that the most delicious treats were made with love from Floriole Bakery & Cafe.  The absolute best part of this little class was meeting the most delightful part about this evening?  The guests!  I can’t talk about the attendees enough! Our attendees are what made the night so special and fun.  I loved meeting everyone and listening to their stories, their backgrounds, and I am thrilled to have kept in touch with so many of them!  Did you miss the class?  Well no worries, because we have another planned for February 27th, with plenty of details to come.  Enjoy these photos, and can’t wait to see you next time!

West Elm & Kinfolk class with Verdura, Fleur, & Amanda Jane Jones.  Photo by Alex Steele Photography, tasty treats from Floriole Cafe


West Elm & Kinfolk class with Verdura, Fleur, & Amanda Jane Jones.  Photo by Alex Steele Photography, tasty treats from Floriole Cafe~~~

West Elm & Kinfolk class with Verdura, Fleur, & Amanda Jane Jones.  Photo by Alex Steele Photography, tasty treats from Floriole Cafe~~~

West Elm & Kinfolk class with Verdura, Fleur, & Amanda Jane Jones.  Photo by Alex Steele Photography, tasty treats from Floriole Cafe


West Elm & Kinfolk class with Verdura, Fleur, & Amanda Jane Jones.  Photo by Alex Steele Photography, tasty treats from Floriole Cafe~~~

West Elm & Kinfolk class with Verdura, Fleur, & Amanda Jane Jones.  Photo by Alex Steele Photography, tasty treats from Floriole Cafe

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Jamie & John

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Jamie & John’s wedding is one for the books.  A fantastic and whimsical couple with colorful style, who are SO very creative (She hand painted all her paper goods).  Becca Heuer Photography captured this remarkable day.  We are over the moon with our floating chuppah (pictured below), which we created by teaming up with Art of Imagination.  This was truly a stunning day.

Congratulations Jamie & John!!

Flowers by  Photo by Becca Heuer Photography




JamieAndJohn-03 ~~~





~~JamieAndJohn-20 ~~~JamieAndJohn-30

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A snowy, Saturday night reflection

Sunday, February 2, 2014

It’s another snowy day and a rare Saturday night without a wedding.  I’m feeling particularly sentimental this evening, after sharing a very simple afternoon with my friend Hillary and her darling, seven week old baby boy.  We caught up after not seeing each other for months.  I really love this lady and her husband and their selflessness.  And I immediately fell in love with their little peanut of a little one.  After driving back home through another day of snowfall, life felt peaceful.


I think a lot of us often wander and search and try to figure out the where’s and why’s in life.  Everyone wants to be in a better place, they judge and base comparisons against themselves and often beat themselves up over it. In life it’s so good to be aware of what is happening around you, but you can’t compare yourself to it – rather just take it in and appreciate the moment.  And the end of the day, we’re all responsible for our decisions.  We can blame, hate, hold jealousy and feel left out all we want, but it’s really up to us to make any change.  In the meantime, as you make your goals and you write them on a napkin or in a notebook or you start to lay them in stone, the one thing that is always clear is that we need to be adaptable.  In life, families, friendships, sibling and lovers – we all are constantly changing people.  Our opinions and thoughts are affected by a snowfall or a car crash, a hug or just when we wake up after a restless night.  And because of these things, the best gift we can give one another is adaptability.  And recognizing where we are in the present.


When my husband and I started to date, I would marvel at his durability throughout winter.  Admittedly, I’m a warm weather lady, and this season has tested my strength both mental and physically.  I was depressed for about 3 weeks when I found out that I have scoliosis and a lot of repair to work on with my back.  When you’re 35 years old, being told that your body isn’t doing what you want, for the very first time in your life, well, it’s a cold slap in the face.  However, to be told at 35 for the first time that something is wrong, well hell.  That’s a really great run.   After I accepted my place I started to take pleasure in new goals.  I love when I make improvements.., I’m encouraged.  My back feels better (after a year of pain), and in a way the new exercises are fun – because if you make anything in life a positive -  it can be.  But I digress (as always).

I remember my and Dave’s first winter together and he told me that the cold was a time for reflection.  This year feels so true of that. After thinking about people, challenges, happiness and reality,  my goal for 2014 – and life in general – is to work hard, stay humble and understand that we are all fighting a battle of some kind.  But also I realized tonight that one of my biggest and most personal goals for the rest of my life is being.  To be present.  It’s cold out, it’s hot out, it’s perfect.  I’m alone, I’m anxious because there are too many people around, I’m quiet, I’m screaming.  I’m gardening, it’s raining on me, I’m in love, I’m angry.  I’m sad, I’m so very happy.  The great thing is that I am all of it.

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