Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Looking at the calendar, it’s quite difficult to believe that July is just around the corner.  June was filled with the most wonderful collection of couples.




These ranunculus are some of those random beauties that pop up.  You think the season is over, and BOOM.  These guys want you to know that they’re not giving up.

I was told that by the end of this week, Caleb’s most amazing wedding to date will be available to see in photos.  Oh man, we cannot wait.

On an unrelated note, have you eaten any gelato this year?  This summer all of us at Fleur are starting to own it.  Days off are filled with beach sand and sunshine.  Antiquing like crazy.  This week there will be so many incredible vintage gifts arriving in the shop.  They’re so good they’re hard to sell, to be honest.


Oh, and in case you didn’t hear, The Chicago Reader voted us Best Florist 2012.  Holy crap.  That’s so amazing, a total surprise, and we are so very thankful to all of you who voted, Chicago.  Thank you SO much for all your kind words, your amazing support.  We’d never be what we are without all of you.  So, the bar has been raised.  We’re excited to bring you even more amazing gifts and beautiful flowers and gorgeous weddings.

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