Beer inspired shoot

Friday, November 18, 2011

Here are some images from a little beer inspired shoot I had the pleasure of working on with Greatest Expectations, Lily Red Studio, Pure Kitchen Catering, Truffle Truffle, The Left Bank & Architectural Anarchy.  Amanda Hein is responsible for the awesomeness called photography.

I had been wanting to work on a beer inspired shoot for some time.  I love the color & palette of beer.  Davey and I have begun to home brew.  The trend of brewing beer is so on the rise in the wedding world and I like that.  Food pairings, color palettes, hops incorporated into bouquets.., it’s all fresh and opens a lot of possibility for design.




The funny thing is, I’m much more of a wine or Manhattan drinker.  But beer is just so appealing as cultural communication to me.  I enjoy discussing the flavors and really like how often it brings people together in laughter.  Well duh, it IS alcohol.  And the variations in color are beautiful.  Ombre wheats and ambers.  Let’s be real.  Beer is fun!

There are SO MANY more amazing photos over at Elizabeth Anne Designs who was beyond wonderful to feature this shoot.  I highly recommend you taking a peak for some visual eye candy that just might make you thirsty!  Prost!

4 Responses to “Beer inspired shoot”

  1. Amanda says:

    One of my favorite shoots EVER ;)

  2. Fleur Inc says:

    What a team!!!!! Everyone simply outdid themselves!!

  3. hankpi says:

    Nice shoot.

  4. hankpi says:

    Great arangements like the reds.

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